Piga is originally another word for a girl who performed domestic tasks in her employer's home or farm.

Managing a household during the pre-industrial era was no easy task. The cows should be milked, the bread baked, the butter churned, the herring pickled, animals slaughtered and at the same time, all the food should be prepared from the scratch. The maid worked about 16 hours a day to ensure that all meals were on the table.

At PIGA, we have been inspired by her hard work and we love sharing the knowledge from that era. Flavours, techniques and traditions from around our country are reused and with a modern touch we aim to bring life to old and new Swedish classics. The modern person strives to spend more time on their career, their family, themself, or with their friends. When their dinner party takes place, the modern person wants to offer their guests the best food possible. It’s not unthinkable to eat out or even buy take away food several days a week.

Here at PIGA we have done all the work for you. Our food is cooked from scratch, we offer you a trendy kitchen fitting the season, and in an environment where old meets tomorrow’s new design. PIGA is a new kind of wine & food bar where you are as comfortable alone as in company. Eat large or small dishes, delicacies, drink a locally brewed beer, or a cocktail from our well-stocked bar.

Always comfortable, always tasty, you’ll always have a good time when you visit “modern” PIGA.

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